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Show Members Share The Last Time They Were Star Struck

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared the last time that they were truly star struck.  

  • Amy – When she ran into Reese Witherspoon backstage at an event unexpectedly. She was star struck and told her she loves everything she does.  
  • Lunchbox – Johnny Bananas from Real World Key West. He saw him at a bar in Austin, Texas. He went up to him and screamed and freaked out. He thought he would play it cool, and they’d become friends, but it didn’t happen. He started sending him messages and then was told he needed to calm down.  
  • Eddie – When he worked for a news company, he got sent to a movie premiere and had no idea what the movie was. He set up his camera on the red carpet and then a limo pulled up and Johnny Depp came out.  
  • Bobby Bones – He's been lucky to meet a lot of celebrities and put together the Top 5 times he was star struck: Adam Duritz from Counting Crows when he came into the studio, Jim Nantz, Lenny Kravitz at the iHeartRadio Music festival, Steve Young, and Derek Jeter.