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Amy & Morgan Discuss The Preferred Places To Be Hit On

Amy and Morgan discussed the preferred places to be hit on and the best scenario for a guy to come flirt with them.  

  • Amy – The grocery store or hiking because they are two places she likes. She would feel weird though because she wouldn’t be sure if they are trying to hit on her.  
  • Morgan – In a social setting like a bar or happy hour, someplace very casual.  

An article from shared that most women don’t want to be hit on when they are doing their daily activities. If they are doing what they normally do, it’s best to not approach them and better to do it during a happy hour, social settings or out with friends.  

Morgan felt like the article was accurate because she was once approached in a grocery store parking lot by a guy who asked her on a date, and she felt caught off guard about it. Amy’s friend suggested she should sit at a nice hotel bar with a book and wait for a man to come up to her, but she didn’t think it was a good idea.