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Bobby Has A Temporary Hobby Of Buying Auto Cuts

Bobby Bones has a new temporary hobby of buying auto cut signatures!  

It’s an autograph that’s authenticated and he’s doing a collection of his own personal hero’s. He has autographs in a case that has been authenticated and graded like a ticket from David Letterman, Mark Grace the first baseman for the Cubs and wanted one from Sting the wrestler. But he accidentally got sent a Sting the singer autograph.  

He just ordered Ed Asner and Ernie Banks autographs to add as well. He does not plan to sell any of the signatures and the collection is just for himself. His therapist told him to find something that he can collect and keep that isn’t super expensive. Also, it’s impossible to buy Bones a gift because he buys himself anything he wants and now this hobby helps people buy him things! Bones has the autographs in a case stored away and knows he may be over this hobby in a month, but for right now he’s enjoying it!