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Eddie Receives The Million Dollar Secret & Gives Live Reaction

A record label wanted to share a secret with Bobby Bones, but he had to sign an NDA and if he shared it there would be a penalty of $1-million dollars. He didn’t agree to it because he didn’t want the pressure of accidentally saying it and being fined. He suggested Lunchbox or Ray be told the secret, but the label said no, and that Eddie was the person they felt was best to know it. He agreed, signed the NDA and learned about the secret for the first time on the show.  

No one else knew the secret as Eddie was told it privately. His reaction at first, he didn’t understand what he was being told but then he seemed shocked. He doesn’t want to talk about it or be questioned because he’s scared, he might accidentally say something, and he does not have $1-million dollars to pay. Eddie said the secret was worthy enough for Bones to sign an NDA because it was that big. People will know in the next month what the secret is!