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Lunchbox Wants Show Members To Do Staggered Bathroom Breaks

Lunchbox proposed a new idea that the show members should start doing staggered bathroom breaks.  

The men’s and women’s bathroom in the studio are right next to each other and the walls are so thin that sometimes you can hear each other in the other bathroom. While he was in the men’s bathroom, he could hear the conversation Amy and Morgan were having in the women’s bathroom perfectly and them peeing. Now he can’t look at them the same way. It made him feel uncomfortable as if he was in the bathroom with them and made him want to leave as quickly as possible. Eddie has also experienced the same problem and shared he’s heard the toilet paper roll being used in the women’s bathroom while he was in the men’s, and it made him feel weird. Because the walls are so thin, they think they shouldn’t be allowed to use the bathroom at the same time and should do staggered bathroom breaks so no one can hear each other, and it doesn’t create an uncomfortable situation.  

Amy and Morgan do not think that it’s weird that they can hear them and are unsure why this is a problem. Bobby Bones made a new rule that the men should walk into the bathroom with music playing on their phones, so they don’t hear what’s going on in the women’s bathroom.