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Raymundo Asks Chase Matthew To Fix Up His Truck

Rising country artist, Chase Matthew, stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his upbringing, working on cars, his music and more.  

Matthew was raised in Nashville and grew up listening to The Bobby Bones Show, so he called it a dream come true for him to be on. He comes from a musical family, his father played on Printers Alley and his mother did shows on Downtown Broadway. He grew up playing in church and played the drums before he ever had dreams of being a singer songwriter. He grew up thinking there was a street like Broadway in every state and it wasn’t until he was older that he realized how special Nashville was because of that street and the amount of music and creativity it produces. 

Matthew started writing songs when he was 13 and at 15, he released what he called horrible covers. Before doing music full time, Matthew worked as a mechanic and his boss would help pay for his recording sessions and he’d work to pay it off. He was just making enough money to eat Ramen noodles; pay his rent for the room he was renting, and the rest went towards his music. He’s now been doing music full time for three years and the moment things really started to take off for him was when he stopped resisting social media. He didn’t want to put his music on TikTok, but his manager told him to, so he did and when he checked back, his song “Country Line” went viral. “Country Line” is a song he wrote about a real situation he went through about a bar tender who worked outside of Nasville and inspired the song. Because his music started going viral, more people started streaming it and it started to bring in money for him.  

His current single “Love You Again” is climbing the country charts. The song happened the first time he and co-writer Taylor Phillips wrote together. They found a melody, laid it down and wrote the song in 20 minutes. They recorded the demo right then, mixed and mastered it and took it all the way to radio. It came out fast, but they knew it was special.   

Matthew has a tattoo that says, “Born for This,” which is his life slogan. When he was younger, he auditioned for Nashville School of Arts and was told he wasn’t good enough. He and his dad sat at a Sonic and his father told him he was born for this and to not give up on his dreams. Matthew recalled 2017, which was a tough year for him and his family. His father went through a divorce and had to sell his ‘65 Plymouth Satellite, which was the car he had had since he was 19. They dreamed of fixing it up so when he had to get rid of it, it was emotional. When he got his first big paycheck from music, he spent months tracking it down and was able to buy it back for her father. He documented it all and put it in the “Born for This” music video and it’s currently in the shop getting fixed up.  

While in studio, Raymundo asked Matthew about some car troubles he’s been having. His 2005 Chevy Trailblazer has been leaking oil and sometimes the company will send e-mails complaining about it being in the parking garage. His windshield wipers are also not working. Matthews isn’t sure what the problem is, but since he has so much experience as a mechanic working on cars, he offered to look at it and fix it up. 

Matthew is having a big touring year. He’ll be opening for Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. For more information visit  

His album Come Get Your Memory is available now.