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Show Members Reveal Annoying Traits About Each Other

A listener called in expressing their annoyance with Eddie and how boastful he can be when he wins. So, the members of the show revealed the annoying traits of everyone, find out below.  

Bobby Bones – Talks way too fast, a know it all, gets triggered quickly and way too competitive. Amy chimed in that it annoys her when Bones acts shocked when she knows a question correctly. Eddie and Lunchbox are annoyed that Bones keeps the studio freezing. He said he does it because it keeps you on your toes and warmness brings slowness.  

Eddie - Lunchbox thinks it’s annoying that Eddie does not have his own thoughts and will agree with whatever Bones says. He also thinks his voice is annoying and that he laughs at everything Bones says. Amy finds the time’s Eddie gets too excited delivering the news to be annoying. Also, when he says he will do something and never does. Bones thinks it’s annoying when Eddie can’t hangout because he’s so busy with his four kids.  

Amy – Lunchbox gets annoyed by her mood swings and when she preaches sometimes. Eddie gets annoyed by her recent “crush” on Lunchbox and that she’s always on his team.  

Lunchbox – Eddie hates that he can never apologize when he’s wrong. Also, that he says he is a businessman but takes everyone's money. He’s rude to everyone but calls it “keeping it real.” He doesn’t do much work but expects to be called the MVP on the show. Amy gets annoyed that he walks through the answer when playing games and just wants him to say the answer. Bones is annoyed that he claims he’s a businessman even though he’s never had a successful business, that he gets mean during games and that he’s always messaging his friends during the show.