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Bobby Shares Rejected Segments From The Past Month

Bobby Bones shared the latest round of rejected segments from the past month. They were pitched by other members and had no chance of making it on-air. Find out below:  

  1. Morgan – She wrote ‘What’s Wrong With People?’ She watched a worker at the grocery store comb their hair while in the produce aisle. He was cleaning up the section and brushing his hair into the dirt pile. It was rejected because it was so gross.  
  2. Eddie – He wanted to know if it was okay to drink at a kid's baseball game. Looking back, Bones is not sure why it was rejected because it’s a decent topic.  
  3. Lunchbox – He shared that Travis Kelce stole his job. He got an e-mail saying they were looking for people to apply for Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? He thought they were asking him to apply to be the host, but it was for extras. It was rejected because it felt like he was just trying to find anything to talk about.  
  4. Eddie – He's turning into an old man and refuses to download apps from restaurants and websites. He was at a restaurant, and they told him to download the app to order his food. Instead, he just went through the drive-thru because he didn’t want to get the app. It was rejected because it felt too cranky of a segment.  
  5. Mike D – Challenge Lunchbox and Eddie to stay overnight at a Walmart. They find the best hiding spot, so they remain undetected when the store closes. They go live while they are there at night and document everything and do Walmart Olympics. Then they walk out when the store opens at 8am. It was rejected because it’s illegal.