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Listener Kurt Offers Bobby Abe Lincoln Word For Trivia Game & Money

Listener Kurt called in because he heard Bobby Bones talking about his new hobby of collecting autograph cuts.  

Kurt wanted to offer him his authenticated word from a letter Abe Lincoln wrote. It’s valued anywhere from $500-$1,000 and wanted to make a deal for $750. But also, since Bones is so good at trivia, he wanted to play a game where he asked him questions about Presidents and every one, he got correct he would take off $50 and every one he got wrong he’d add $50. The world is ‘Property’ and Kurt wants to sell it because he needs the money to help pay for his daughters' college tuition.  

Bones made a deal with him to play the game but started the price at $500 and add $60 if he gets a question correct and take off $25 if he gets it wrong. Kurt asked him five questions and Bones only missed one and owed him $280. But he agreed to give him $350 since it’s going towards his daughter’s tuition!