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Brothers Osborne Reveal Why They Don’t Sit Together On Planes

Brothers Osborne stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about their new music, reveal they don’t sit together on planes and more!  

Brothers Osborne new song “Break Mine” took months to finish. When they first started, they only finished half of it with Shane McAnally and Pete Good and six months later, McAnally reached out to them and said he was listening to the demo and it sounded great, which was rare for him to do because he’s always so busy working on different songs. They went back and listened and realized it had potential to become their next single. They enjoyed finishing the song that way because there are so many things in our lives where you get so close to the finish line and then move on to the next thing. But because they picked up on something they stopped working on and finished it to be their next single, they found it encouraging to keep working and not give up on things that have potential.  

TJ and John are brothers and have a close bond, but purposely don’t spend much time together outside of work. They revealed they don’t sit together on planes and people find it odd, but since they are together so much, it’s one of the few times they can choose to not be around each other. Their time on the road together feels different than the time they spend together with their families at home. They can flip a switch when they are with their family and not focus on work.  

John produced 17-year-old Grace Bowers album. He took on the project because he said she reminded him of himself so much at that age because of her drive and desire to create music. He looks at her as his little sister and wants to help her be successful. While creating the record, they both learned a lot from each other. When he works as a producer, he’s always thinking about the project and becomes very consumed with it. When he gets to just be the artist and have someone else produce the work, he’s able to step away from the work.  

While in studio, John shared a tattoo he got with Old Dominion’s lead singer, Matthew Ramsey, while they were in Europe for C2C Festival. John’s tattoo is an ‘A’ and ‘M’ on his fingers for his kids, Arthur and Maybelle. Ramsey’s tattoo said, “Fiesta Forever” from the Lionel Richie song “All Night Long.”

Brothers Osborne’s new EP, Break Mine, featuring two new songs is out now. They also will be performing at the iHeartCountry Festival Saturday May 4th in Austin, Texas.