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Lunchbox Upset Over Scuba Steve & Abby Hosting St. Jude Event

Lunchbox saw pictures of Scuba Steve and Abby hosting a St. Jude brunch over the weekend and he feels like they weren’t big enough to do it.  

He thought whoever put it together needs to reevaluate their structure because no one knows who they are. He said they reached out to the “lowest hanging fruit” on the show and should’ve asked someone who has more recognition. Lunchbox is bitter he did not get asked to host the event but was reminded when St. Jude asked him to host the Halloween costume contest, he did it drunk. 

Asking Abby to host made sense because she ran in the St. Jude race and the banquet was for people who raised money for the race. The ask was directly for Scuba Steve and Abby to do it, and Scuba did admit he felt weird that he got asked because he didn’t think anyone would know who he was. But he was asked to do a job, and he and Abby prepared and were a hit! He thinks Lunchbox wasn’t asked because they wanted someone more professional and also, he does not contribute to the St. Jude marathon unlike Abby who runs in it and raises money for it every year.