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We Are *Minor* Stressing About These Things Right Now

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared a minor stressor that is happening in their lives right now. It’s not the most stressful thing in their life, but it falls between a 3-5 on the scale.  

  • Bobby Bones – He and Eddie are building a pickleball court in his backyard. The asphalt is down and needs to sit for 30 days. His dog, Eller, can’t go in the backyard because she’ll run on the asphalt and that’s usually where she runs around so now, she’s miserable stuck in the house. So, they are going to send her to a training camp for six days where she can run, and he’s stressed that at night when she’s sleeping there, she’ll be nervous because she’s scared.  
  • Amy – She's stressed about what she’s going to wear at iHeartCountry Festival because she doesn’t have an outfit picked out yet. And she’s also stressed trying to figure out communication with her ex-husband now that he has a girlfriend.  
  • Eddie – For his birthday he got seeds for flowers that attract butterflies. He planted them to create a butterfly garden a month ago, but nothing has grown yet. He’s taken care of the area and watered it, but he’s worried his seeds won’t come up for the season and the butterflies won’t come.
  • Lunchbox – His minor stress is about who he’s going to meet up with in Austin this weekend for iHeartCountry Festival. There are so many people who want to meet up with him but there’s limited time.