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Eddie Thinks He’s A Terrible Co-Worker After Car Accident

Eddie saw Producer Lauren got into a car crash and didn’t stop to make sure she was ok! 

When Eddie left work, he saw there was an accident outside the studio at the light and both cars were damaged. He thought the girl standing on the corner looked like Producer Lauren, but he just drove by and didn’t stop to check. He asked her the next day at work if that was her and it was!  Amy saw it as well but thought she was a bystander and not involved in the wreck. It was only a few minutes after Lauren told Amy bye when leaving work so when she saw her with her fiancé on the sidewalk, she thought they were walking somewhere and just witnessed the wreck.  

Lauren got into a wreck outside the building when a car that made the wrong turn did a U-turn in the intersection and didn’t see her coming and slammed into the side of her. Thankfully everyone involved in the wreck was ok and she is taking her car into the shop this week!  

Eddie shared he saw the girl crying but because he wasn’t sure if it was her or not, he didn’t stop. And Amy didn’t stop because she saw she was with her fiancé and the cops were there and she didn’t seem like she was in distress, but both felt bad they just drove by.