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Listeners Have Theories on the Big Secret Eddie Is Keeping

Bobby Bones got a call to learn an industry country music secret and to meet with the record label and sign an NDA, but if he shared, he’d have to pay $1-million dollars. He turned it down, but Scuba Steve knew it and they offered Eddie the chance to know. He agreed and was told the secret and signed the NDA.  

Listeners have theories that this secret involves the show and not anyone outside of it. Bones could confirm these theories were true or not.  

  • Theory #1: Bones and his wife are having a baby – Not true. Maybe someday.
  • Theory #2: Lunchbox won some version of the lottery – No, he would tell everyone if he won.  
  • Theory #3: Morgan secretly got married – No, she would also tell everyone if she did.  
  • Theory #4: Amy secretly adopted another kid – She would not be opposed to it, but that’s not it. 
  • Theory #5: Eddie and his wife renewed their vows in a big way – That's not it.  

Everyone needs to leave the building after the show today so they can record the secret. Only Bones, Eddie and Scuba Steve can be there. Bones only knows part of the secret and will learn it fully today but shared that it has nothing to do with him and everyone will find out the secret tomorrow!