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The Power of Innocent Confidence & More with Mackenzie Porter

There’s no such thing as having it all. Every success takes sacrifice. Amy’s guest today is actress, singer, song-writer, wife & brand new mom, Mackenzie Porter! With her packed career and being in entertainment, Mackenzie definitely asked herself: “Can I have a baby and continue my work?” (a thought none of us should have, but we most certainly do!) This leads to a quote from Shonda Rhimes that we love:  “Whenever you see me somewhere succeeding in one area of my life, that almost certainly means I am failing in another area of my life.”  Her point being there’s no balance or “having it all” because perfection is impossible and we need not have those standards or be expected to do it all…just work hard and do our best where we are in each moment. 


Mackenzie grew up on a bison and cattle ranch in Canada….so obviously Amy asks her if she knows the Bison Storm Analogy! They also talk about how Mackenzie started taking piano, violin and singing lessons at just 4-years-old, her acting career (Amy loved the show Travelers she was in on Netflix a while back), what it’s like to work with actors and other singers, shooting her shot with Walker Hayes, her new album ‘Nobody’s Born With a Broken Heart’ + songs on it, how writing is therapeutic, not comparing ourselves to others on social media & 4 Things Gratitude: Mackenzie shared 1) what she’s thankful for today, a show she’s obsessed with, a song she loves and a drink that’s been bringing her joy during this season of life! 

HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy 

GUEST: Mackenzie Porter // @mackenziepmusic 

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