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After Nearly 3 Years Of Having No Smell, Morgan’s Smell Finally Returns

Morgan lost her smell nearly three years ago due to COVID.

Most things she couldn't even smell, but those she did would often smell like chlorine or a weird funk. Even some food items tasted a bit off. She got two lymphatic massages done where the massage therapist did cupping on her face which she think helped her smell come back a little bit, but not fully. When she was at the mall a few days ago, she realized she could smell every store's different scent. She had been to the mall multiple times in the past few months, but for some reason, on this visit she could fully smell everything.  

To test if her smell was truly back for good, she was blindfolded and had to name what was put in front of her nose to smell. The first was Vicks VapoRub that she guessed was cologne. The second thing was Fireball Whiskey and she accurately guessed it. The third thing was a pine scented candle she also guessed correctly. The last item was Lunchbox’s soccer shin guards and she guessed it was something sweaty that must belong to Lunchbox!  

The test concluded that she has her smell back after 3 years of not having it. She does think the lymphatic drainage massage helped move things around and over time her smell has gradually found its way back!