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Amy Received Awkward DM From Country Artist’s Wife

Amy received an awkward DM from Rodney Atkins wife, Rose Falcon about a comment Lunchbox made.  

Back in December, Bobby Bones shared a story of how much certain celebrities charge on Cameo and said Atkins charged $299. Lunchbox thought his price was way too high and that he wasn’t popular enough to charge that. Someone told Atkins and Falcon that they heard it on the show, so they went back to listen. Falcon then messaged Amy saying she had no idea Lunchbox hated Atkins so much and explained he charged that high of a price because when his price was lower, he was getting overwhelmed with too much business. She also said Atkins would love to do a Cameo with Lunchbox for free. She sent the message back in December, but Amy just saw it now.  

Amy is glad she sent the note and thought if he’s willing to charge that, and people will pay it then good for him. Lunchbox still thinks he charges too much. He charges $50 for his Cameo and thinks Atkins should charge around the same price.