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Lunchbox Reveals He Finally Sold Something From Pallet

All week, Lunchbox teased that he had life changing news that was so big it could be used for a Tell Me Something Good segment. Today, he revealed the big news was that he finally sold something from the pallet.  

Lunchbox and other members on the show invested in a pallet full of Amazon returns in hopes that they could sell the items and make their money back. It was Lunchbox’s job to find a way to sell the items, but he never had any luck. Until recently when he listed the 100-pound rope that was in the pallet for sale on Facebook Marketplace and had someone buy it for $100! He met with them to give them the rope and the man said he was using it for railing on his dock.  

Lunchbox then apologized to the members of the show for the way he approached his business selling plan for the pallet. He realized he went about it the wrong way and should’ve listed the items locally. His new business plan is to continue listing the items locally and hopefully get more buyers!