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Show Members Recall Last Time They Got a Ticket

Members of The Bobby Bones Show recalled the last time they got a ticket and what it was for!  

  • Bobby Bones – He was holding his cell phone to look at the map. He got pulled over for having his phone in his hand and later saw the cop who gave him the ticket at the Grand Ole Opry.  
  • Amy – She also got pulled over for being on her phone. She was at a red light and was trying to connect it to Bluetooth. It was the same cop that pulled Bones over and he let her go with a warning.  
  • Lunchbox – Two years ago he was driving his 2005 Altima on his way home from a soccer game when a cop pulled him over because his registration had been expired for two years. He lied that the car was having problems and he just got it running again, but the cop gave him a ticket.  
  • Eddie – Six years ago he was driving his wife’s car and got pulled over because a break light was out and was given a warning.