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Show Shares Highs & Lows From iHeartCountry Festival in Texas

This past weekend was the iHeartCountry Festival in Austin, Texas and everyone shared their highs and lows from it!  


Low – Her feet after festivals hurt so bad after wearing heels all weekend and walking around.  

High – She loves that it’s in Austin because her family and friends get to come. Also, her niece got to take a shot with Jelly Roll.  


Low – He is exhausted. As soon as he landed, he had to go to a flag football game for his son.  

High – His sister came to the show, and he got to take her backstage when Keith Urban walked by and greeted him.


Low – He did not get enough time with his friends because he was so busy.  

High – Keith Urban came up to him in the crowd and put his arm around him and they sang a song together.  

Bobby Bones:

Low – He's exhausted from a long weekend.  

High – He's happy everything worked out and there were no issues and got to meet a bunch of new people.