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Morgan Caught Lunchbox Taking Cocktail Machines At iHeartCountry Festival

The iHeartCountry Festival in Austin Texas was over the weekend and Morgan caught Lunchbox taking more free stuff.  

Morgan and Lunchbox were in the backstage presenter green room which is where all the people who are presenting or performing hangout before they go on stage. They were giving away Bartesian Premium Cocktail Machine’s that make cocktails for you and cost around $350. They were giving out cards that let you redeem a code online and get a free one. The person handing out the cards told Morgan they only had 18 cards in total so everyone could get only one card, but Lunchbox took five. 

He took that many cards because he said those machines were good gifts to give people. He asked to take one and no one was supervising the stack of cards, so he took five without them knowing. Then, he got one of his friends to go backstage who wasn’t supposed to be there and his friend took a card too!