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Abby’s Huge Concert Opportunity Is Officially Happening

A listener sent Abby a message asking her to put together a concert, bring it out to California and they’d pay her. The event would happen at a Racetrack in Monterey, California on June 22nd.  

The message was from a listener whose mother-in-law was the event director at the racetrack and they needed someone to headline the concert and thought Abby would be great to open and host. Their budget was $50K.  

Abby did find an artist to headline! She got George Birge, and he signed a contract, and the show is officially happening. Birge will get $30K and Abby will get $20K. She will play for 30 minutes and host. Bones refused to take a percentage of her money because he’s proud of her and knows she did a lot of work to make this happen.