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Eddie Apologizes To Amy For Not Believing Her

When Amy sees a Red Cardinal, she thinks it’s her mother visiting her and that it’s a sign. Most times when she brings it up, Eddie does not believe her.  

But Eddie recently saw a video online of a kid who had just lost his dad and a Red Cardinal sat down next to him out of nowhere. The kid even petted the Cardinal, and it didn’t move. After seeing that video, Eddie wanted to apologize to Amy because now he thinks Cardinals might be passed loved ones visiting you.

His apology meant a lot to Amy. Immediately after her mother passed away, right outside her window where she was lying Amy and her sister saw a Red Cardinal. She believes her father visits her as a Blue Jay because in 2021 when he passed, she was doing a lot of bird watching and would play bird bingo. She would check off every bird she saw visit her feeder. She had never had a Blue Jay visit but when her dad died, one visited her feeder immediately. Sometimes a Blue Jay and a Red Cardinal will visit her feeder at the same time, and she likes to believe it’s both of her parents visiting her. Eddie wanted to let his family know that when he dies, he will visit as a Bald Eagle!