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Show Gives Advice On How To Approach Women When Dating

A listener called in saying they are single and ready to mingle, but whenever they try to approach a girl they feel like a creep, so he wanted advice on the best way to talk to new people.  

Bobby Bones him know that as a guy, you’re always going to be considered a creep going up to someone until you’re told otherwise. Morgan shared that she believes a lot of it is about confidence. If he’s already going in feeling nervous and being shaky, they are going to feel that. But if he goes in and commits to it, they will feel the energy. She also thought if a guy sees you in public and then finds you online and messages you saying they saw you somewhere, that is a great way to approach it in this day and age because if she’s not interested, she won’t respond and you both can pretend it never happened. Also, if you have a gym crush, find the time they are leaving so you can try and leave at the same time and talk to them. Morgan thought he should not open with a cheesy pick-up line because she wouldn't take them seriously, but Amy liked a good pick-up line because she thought it helped break the ice.

Morgan’s best advice to him was to be prepared to fail and to take it until you make it. Continue going up to people, have confidence and find a very easy conversation started and don’t push it and just be a welcoming person and see where it goes!