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Show Members Admit Most Awkward Encounters With Celebrities

Members of The Bobby Bones Show revealed some of their most awkward celebrity encounters! Bobby Bones recently had one with Charles Kelley of Lady A. They were standing right beside each other at a urinal and Kelley is 6’6 and if he wanted to look, he could’ve seen everything because he had a bird's eye view.  

  • Lunchbox – When he was in Vegas, he saw Gwen Stefani at the hotel he was checking in to and ran over to ask for a picture. She agreed to one but when he put his arm around her, she told him no touching.  
  • Eddie – He was backstage at ACL Fest in Austin, Texas and was told to get out of the way because Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey were coming through. They were going up the steps and Armstrong tripped and fell right in front of Eddie. He put his hand out to help him and Armstrong yelled at him that he did not need help and got up and walked away.  
  • Amy – The time she accidentally called Rascal Flatts old at the CMA Awards red carpet. It was the 50th CMA Awards and she asked them if they had been to all 49 shows. She also got a “no touch” from Whit from Old Dominion. She told him he liked his sunglasses, and she went to grab them, and he told her not to touch them.  
  • Bobby Bones – Another recent awkward encounter he had was when Sara Evans came to his house for an interview, and she fell backwards in her chair and spilled her coffee everywhere.