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How to Better Understand Yourself

Amy starts off with '4 Things Gratitude' sharing with you 4 things she's currently thankful for & hopefully through her gratitude you'll learn about some things to check out & then she shares some words of wisdom from Ally Fallon that will lead living life with more purpose & confidence. 


FIRST THING: She's selling her house & here's the YouTube video she references "Declutter Your Home: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Fast | How to Get Rid of Your Stuff." (this is helpful for anyone...not just if you're selling your home!) 


SECOND THING: Amy changed the energy of her home to an 8. What does that mean?? Well, read this Address Numerology blog that Amanda wrote and listen to this episode where Amanda told Amy about why she needs to change her home from a 2 to an 8 and it will all make more sense! 


THIRD THING: Amy has felt so pulled together lately thanks to her new Yellow Rose by Kendra Scott jewelry. All of the pieces are so cute, cowgirl vibes & ranch inspired because 'country is cool again!' Girls trip to Austin anytime soon? Go by the Yellow Rose store hat bar and get custom hats to always remember the fun! 


FOURTH THING: Ally Fallon's book launch party was on Tuesday night, so Write Your Story: A Simple Framework to Understand Yourself, Your Story, and Your Purpose in the World is officially out in the world and ready for people to read. Donald Miller read his forward for the book at the party and I loved his opening lines: "Years ago, I met a psychologist who gave me some advice about choosing friends. She said this: 'choose people who have a story to tell, rather than those who tell stories.'" Such a good quote. Ally feels strongly that writing our stories helps us understand ourselves so we can live with more purpose and confidence. 


FUN FACT: Ally's Write Your Story Podcastis on Amy's network, so she's highlighting an episode that Ally put up last month that further dives into why writing our stories is so helpful....even if we never plan on anyone else reading it. This is such a good listen If you feel like you’re telling the same story over and over the details may change (new boss, new partner, new hometown) but the cycle of the story keepings repeating itself. 



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