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Bobby Bones Show Brings Things They Learned From The Internet

Members of The Bobby Bones Show did an Internet Show and Tell where they found things from the internet that they think our audience will like!  

  • LunchboxAn Antiques Roadshow guest brought an Oscar Wilde poem for appraisal. He thought it was worth $5K but it was actually worth $10-15K.  
  • Amy – Our brains interpret things based on our expectations.  
  • Eddie – He saw a video of a Pastor named Bob Joyce who sang at Lisa Marie Presley’s funeral, and he looks like an old Elvis, so now he believes in the conspiracy theory that Elvis may still be alive.  
  • Bobby Bones – A trivia question from the show ‘2%.’ What is the largest number between 1 and 1 million that when written out doesn't contain the letter N? The answer: 88.  
  • Morgan learned about a huge scientific discovery! Scientists discovered remains of a buried planet inside earth and on the moon's surface.