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Morgan Questions if Uber Was Attempting Kidnap After Missed Exits

Morgan has a sketchy Uber ride recently that had her questioning the situation.

She ordered an Uber to bring her home from the airport and checked the license plate before she got in to make sure it was the correct one. About 10 minutes into the drive, she noticed he missed her exit. She told him she noticed he was going the wrong way and he said he accidentally missed the exit, so he was taking a different way. She started paying close attention to the way he was going and saw he missed another exit, so she asked if everything was good and if they were still headed to her house. He said yes and that he just missed another exit. Then finally, they made it to her house but went 15 minutes in the wrong direction. She thinks if she hadn’t been so aware of what was going on and asked questions she might’ve been kidnapped.  

Uber tracks the rides and lets the passenger follow along with the map, but she thought it was strange he missed two exits!