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Show’s Weekend Plans Include Alcohol Machine, In-Laws, Dogs, & Kids

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared what their weekend plans are!  

  • Amy – Organizing her house, getting her kids back for the week and celebrating her daughter's birthday wish to serve the homeless.  
  • Eddie – His Bartesian Cocktail Machine came in, so he’s excited to try it and make some cocktails this weekend!  
  • Lunchbox – The in-laws are in town so he’s hoping they can watch the kids so he and his wife can go to dinner. He knows there will probably be a kids birthday party and he’ll have to take his kids too as well.  
  • Bobby Bones – He gets his dog Eller back this weekend. They had been traveling a lot and she can’t run in the backyard because of the pickleball court that’s being built. So, they sent her to a farm that does training at the same time, and she was there for 11 days. When they get her back, they’ll be taught what she learned while away.