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Morgan Shares Details About New Relationship

Morgan has entered her girlfriend era!

After divulging many of her dating stories over the past year, Morgan shared "breaking news" with the Bobby Bones Show that she has a boyfriend. She shared a few stories about him over the last couple of weeks where she dubbed him the "man in uniform." While she hasn't shared what his job entails for that nickname, she did allow the show to ask a few questions.

She revealed they met at the beginning of March on the dating app Hinge. The "exclusivity" talk happened after she joked she was pulling girlfriend duty meeting a lot of his friends and family members and he confessed he thought they were already exclusively dating. Bobby asked about his height, and Morgan noted that he is 5'8" or 5'9", and Amy added that Morgan is only 5ft tall so everyone is taller than her. They are still living their individual lives and due to work he has had to be gone for 4.5 weeks of them dating, but Morgan said they used that time to get to know each other better via FaceTime dates. When Eddie asked how he is different than her previous relationships, Morgan shared their personalities are polar opposite which allows them to mesh well together and he's very "cool, calm, collected" as well as a great listener, consistent, and communicative.