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Eddie Admits He “Kind Of” Went Looking for Jack White’s House

Some may know the name Jack White, he's a musician and served as the lead singer of rock duo The White Stripes.

Eddie's friend mentioned he knew the area where White lived in Nashville. So when Edie was driving in Nashville the other day and was around that area, he started looking at the house. That's when he saw Jack White standing in the front yard and Eddie totally geeked out. He even told his boys to look at White. Instead of going about his day, Eddie decided to drive slowly by White's home and keep checking things out.

The Bobby Bones Show debated if what Eddie did was "cool" or "creepy." Lunchbox thought it was cool and something he would have done, while Amy didn't mind it but told him not to do it again. Bobby thought it was weird that Eddie drove slow, but equally weird that White lives by a traffic light.