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There’s a Big Fight Happening in Lunchbox’s Household Over Travel Plans

A work trip is turning into a huge fight in Lunchbox's household.

Lunchbox was asked to go to Atlanta for a work trip with 94.9 The Bull, so he decided to invite his wife and kids to make it a family weekend. However, work offered to pay for a flight from Nashville to Atlanta for Lunchbox and he wants to take it. He told his wife that he will take the flight, and she can drive the kids to Atlanta then pick him up from the airport.

He claimed he wanted to take the flight because it would count towards his status with the airline, ultimately getting free flights later on. His wife was not having it and kept telling him that he needed to ride with her and the kids. Eddie agreed with Lunchbox that he shouldn't waste a free flight, however everyone else on the show was team Lunchbox's wife. Bobby added that since Lunchbox is the one who invited her, he needs to ride with her.

Lunchbox admitted something similar has happened before. He needed one more flight to get major status with an airline, so he took a flight from Texas to Tennessee while his wife drove with the kids.