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#452- Bobby & Eddie On Most Covered Country Songs + Alice Randall on 'My Bl

On this episode of The Bobbycast, Bobby Bones and Eddie do music talk about the most covered country songs. Then, we hear from Alice Randall about her new book and career. Alice details the importance of writing her book, My Black Country: A Journey Through Country Music's Black Past, Present, and Future. She also talks about Charley Pride's influence on country music and starting her career as the only female black songwriter in Nashville. She also shares the time she met Roseanne Cash and wrote a song for Johnny Cash and more! 

Book info on S& here: MY BLACK COUNTRY: A Journey Through Country Music’s Black Past, Present, and Future (Black Privilege Publishing; on sale 4/9/24; ISBN 9781668018408; Hardcover $28),

Album info on Alice's press page here

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