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Bobby Admits He’s Jealous of Pregnant Women & Them Bonding With the Baby

During the Bobby Bones Show this morning, Bobby admitted he's jealous of something that may be a little odd.

He confessed that when the time comes for him and his wife to have a baby, which they are not currently expecting, he will be jealous of her getting to bond with the baby for 9 months. He's sad that women get that extra bonding time, while he does not. The show joked that it's not possible for him to get pregnant and feel that bond, but Eddie said he could get a sympathy belly.

While the sympathy belly may be something that actually happens with the guys on the show, Bobby said Eddie was missing his point. Bobby recognizes that being pregnant is so hard on a woman's body, so he's not talking about that part. He is just jealous of the bonding that the mom gets to have with the baby early on.