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Bobby Bones Show Share New TV Show & Movie Recommendations

The Bobby Bones Show is often asked for TV show or movie recommendations so during today's show (May 16), they divulged on some recent watches!

Bobby suggested watching The Veil on Hulu, noting he doesn't normally suggest shows while in the middle of watching them but this one he has really enjoyed so far. Another one on Hulu, Raymundo suggested The Valley for any reality TV show fans. Amy suggested Sugar on Apple TV+ sharing Colin Farrell is great in it. Lunchbox said anyone would enjoy watching Beckham on Netflix, but he was happy more soccer was included in it than he anticipated.

Then for movie options, Eddie suggested Roadhouse on Amazon Prime, he thought the movie was fine but all the action and the cool settings were his favorite. Morgan was on an emotional rollercoaster watching The Iron Claw on MAX, which is based on the true story of the Von Erichs, a family of professional wrestlers.