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Pursuing Your Passions, Appointment Crying, Marriage After Divorce & More w

Amy first met Nada Taha 11 years ago during Nada's time on The Bobby Bones it's fun to catch up with someone that longtime listeners will know! Nada is a fellow cat lady that is outspoken about everything — marriage and divorce, being a female entrepreneur, mental health, and more!

Amy & Nada chat about:

Nada's TEDx Talk: Why "What do you do?" is the wrong question

Marrying young (Nada got married at 18) and divorce 

Will either of them ever get married again?

Nada's trip to Egypt to better understand her roots

The work Nada has done to be vulnerable, real, authentic

Crying is good (Nada's infamous airport bathroom breakdown)

Evolving, energy & manifesting

You don't have to pick a lane (pursue all your passions, at once, despite societal norms)

Using anger and strength to build your story

Working through the past to strive in the now

Still figuring it out (it = this whole “life” thing)

4 Things Gratitude 

Since Nada's time on the BBS, she's started two creative services agencies, hosted Soundcheck Radio and The Country Chart Show for Apple.

Keep up with her on IG: @NadaMeansNothin.

HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

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