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Dr. Bradshaw Adjusts Bobby’s Back & Works on His Injured Shoulder

Dr. Bradshaw is a chiropractor in Nashville and he has stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to help with various show members' ailments. He came in the studio this morning to adjust Bobby Bones and work on his sore shoulder.

Before getting to work, Bones asked if chiropractors can help those who get constant migraines. Most migraines are caused from tension headaches which are the result of low magnesium, posture issues, and stress on the neck. So chiropractors can adjust the neck to help with each of those issues. If the migraine or headache is neck related, the adjustment will relieve that almost immediately. However, if there are larger issues then it may take a few adjustments and some supplements to get things sorted out long term. He also believes that acupuncture and dry needling can help the body in certain cases. Acupuncture helps get the energy flowing again utilizing Chinese techniques. Dry needling is putting a needle in at the trigger point where a muscle is really tightened up, the needle causes micro damage to the injured spot alerting your body to go heal itself.

Most people pop their own necks and backs, but Dr. Bradshaw says that could be dangerous if done the wrong way. He added the problem with self-adjustment is that you make yourself hyper-mobile. Basically the joints above and below the joints you're cracking will become super tight. He related cracking the same joints over and over again to a screw going into a wall multiple times over and at some point, it will stop working correctly. Also, he shared the reason someone walking on your back feels good is because it releases air out of the joint and creates mobility.

Dr. Bradshaw is able to tell when he feels someone's body if something is wrong, so he worked on Bones in studio after complaining of shoulder/rotator cuff pain. First, Dr. Bradshaw adjusted Bones' on each side of his back and on his neck. Then he did some movement work on Bones' shoulder to finish up his in studio appointment.