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Show Gives Updates on Signs, Hair Transplant, the Pallet, & Comedy Special

There has been a lot of things happening on the Bobby Bones Show lately, so listeners were asking for some updates. They wanted to know about Amy's signs, Eddie's hair transplant, Lunchbox's pallet, and Bobby's Comedy Special.

Bobby shared his comedy special is finished, and he has asked Abby Anderson to score the special so he is waiting on the music for finishing touches. Amy admitted she has seen some signs, but they're all fun ones, not any that were specific to her big life changes like the cardinal at the open house. She added that she is still moving, and current working to put her house on the market.

Eddie confessed he's no longer interested in the hair transplant after learning that his hair qualifies as two different zones, and only one zone can likely be fixed. Bobby encouraged him to look into a toupée situation, so more could be coming from that. Lunchbox admitted he has sold two things, and donated a few toilet seats from the show's pallet venture. He is still working on selling the rest of the items.