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Bobby Reveals Weirdest Things About Show Members

A listener asked Bobby Bones to share the weirdest qualities about each of The Bobby Bones Show members and he had quite a few things to choose from.

He started with Lunchbox who has revealed many times that he still kisses both of his on the lips, and that he clips his toenails and then eats them. Amy's weirdest quality is her whole fascination with birds. He noted that her original interest in them started during a hard time of her life, but now she is still obsessed with them and "finds people in them."

When talking about Eddie, he questioned why he's so fascinated with black and white things, particularly movies. Then he shared Morgan loves raisins by themselves, and he doesn't know anyone who likes to eat raisins alone. She shared she will eat them in trail mix, cookies, and anything but also loves them alone in their little red boxes.

The tables turned when Bones said the show could share weird things about him. Amy said he likes to black out things on his list with a big sharpie, and he always cut the sleeves off of his shirts. Lunchbox said it's weird that he wants everything in the color red. Eddie said that he always parks far away from the wall in his parking spot, to which Bones added he also drives really slow. Morgan said she thinks it's weird Bones doesn't like peanut butter, Bones added he likes peanuts and butter, just not them together.