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Lunchbox Claims He’s “So Famous” After Trip to Atlanta

For years, Lunchbox has claimed to be one of the top 25 most famous people in Nashville.

The Bobby Bones Show has tested out his theory on multiple occasions, and despite the show's research proving otherwise, Lunchbox still claims it to be true. He went to Atlanta for a work trip visit to one of the show's new stations. He says while he was there, he couldn't even exist like a normal person at the Atlanta Braves' game because people were screaming at him to say hi and get photos. He brought in some audio to prove his point, but the audio was just Lunchbox yelling at the people saying how famous he was because they yelled at him. When Bobby Bones asked Lunchbox what country artists he is more famous than he named Hardy, Walker Hayes, and Randy Travis. However, he said that Kane Brown is more famous than him, and Bailey Zimmerman may pass him on the most famous list in about 6 months.

Also an update on the Atlanta trip, Lunchbox revealed he and his wife compromised on this trip. He did fly to Atlanta without his wife and kids, because he had to get there early for some meetings. But he did drive her and the kids back to Nashville.