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Eddie Almost Called 911 Over Possible ATM Machine Heist

Eddie was getting gas at 10 o'clock in the evening when he saw something very suspicious.

Across the street from the gas station was a bank, and he saw four guys drilling and hammering on the ATM with a white van backed up to the ATM. He didn't think the dudes could possibly stealing an ATM while so much was happening in the evening, but show told him that's when they would do it to be inconspicuous. Eddie thought they were being super obvious, so much so that they had flashlights out and working on it.

When he was driving off, he decided not to call 911 just in case he was wrong and it wasn't a heist of the ATM machine. He has been checking the news ever since, but hasn't seen anything about an ATM machine being stolen or robbed. Lunchbox admits he would have definitely called 911 and the show says Eddie should have at least called the non-emergency line to alert someone of his concern.