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Bobby Bones Shares Top 5 Rejected Segments From the Last Month

Every day the show members have to send in stories about their personal lives for a possible segment on the Bobby Bones Show.

There is no guarantee what will make it, but there is always a possibility a story makes it in rejected segments. These are the top 5 rejected segments from the past month.

  1. Mike D suggested we commission Eddie's wife to do a nude portrait of Lunchbox and then auction it off for charity. Bobby says this is a no win for everybody, but went ahead and told Eddie to ask his wife if he would be open to it.
  2. Eddie says he slept on the couch, but Bobby didn't fall for the clickbait. His wife hadn't been sleeping well so he slept on the couch.
  3. Mike D suggested the Friday Morning Roast. Basically if an artist wants to come by to promote their new album, they had to accept a roasting on the show first. Bobby said if we did this then we would never get a guest again. Although, he would be open to doing it with his friends like Jon Pardi, Kane Brown, and Luke Bryan.
  4. Lunchbox's mind is blown that people don't know what he looks like. He says if people listen to the show then they automatically look the show up on social media. He met people at the iHeartCountry Festival who were huge listeners of the show that listen every morning, but had never known what each show member looked like.
  5. Morgan says she did something for the first time in her adult life... she changed grocery stores.