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Lunchbox Says This Soldier Surprising Video Is Selfish

Lunchbox saw this video circulating the Internet and he wants the Bobby Bones Show to debate if it's sweet or selfish.

A solider who was deployed overseas was going to miss his brother's wedding day. When the wedding party was taking all of their photos, the soldier showed up as a surprise for his brother. The brother was so excited to see him, as was the bride and other guests. Lunchbox thinks this move was super selfish because now the day is about the brother coming back at home rather than about the wedding. He thinks the bride had to set aside all of her feelings and just accept the surprise, but was likely upset over it.

Bobby and Amy lean towards the gesture being sweet because the soldier wasn't thinking about the whole other side, he just wanted to be there for his brother. Bobby added that he could have surprised his brother the night before though, and that would have been just as exciting.