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Scuba Steve Attends Son's Graduation After Complaining About It

Last week, Scuba Steve was on the Bobby Bones Show complaining about attending his son's kindergarten graduation.

He admittedly didn't want to attend or have his son go, because he felt like it was a pointless graduation and Scuba needed to be at work. Show members Bobby and Amy encouraged him to attend at least the graduation and leave work early. Scuba ended up taking their advice and attended the ceremony.

Scuba admitted his perspective has now changed. The graduation ceremony actually made Scuba very emotional seeing his oldest child going into the next part of his life. His son was so excited he kept yelling "I'm a first grader now!" Scuba added that the energy in the room was contagious, it was so cool to experience everyone's excitement from parents to kids. He now knows he was 100% wrong and not afraid to admit that. He would tell parents who may have originally felt similar to him that it's important to open your mind, let go of your feelings about it, and go for your kid. He thinks any parent who doesn't attend any graduation ceremony will look back 20 years from now and wish they would have gone.

The graduation ceremony included a dance of all the kindergarteners and then each class gave out 3 awards to some of the kids. They then did a commencement speech and everyone went up one by one to accept their diploma. Scuba's son was towards the end, and held up his diploma very proud to show to his parents.

Despite Scuba changing his mind, Lunchbox thinks the whole thing is still so stupid. He doesn't think it makes any sense to do kindergarten graduation when the kids aren't going to a new school rather across the hall to a new grade.