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Bobby Shares Sound Effects He’d Use for Show Members

Bobby Bones has been sharing segments lately for listeners to get to know the Bobby Bones Show a little better.

This morning he wanted to share the sounds he would pick that resemble the show members and their favorite things. For Amy, he picked birds chirping or cat purring since birds and cats have been her biggest interests lately. For Eddie, Bones picked a grill sizzling or golfing. They two of them golf together a lot, and Eddie often calls himself a grill master (like his smokin' chicken and fajitas). Lunchbox was given the sounds of putting lotion on women at the beach or a slot machine. He's a big lottery and gambling man, and every year he does a segment called the Sunburn Protection Foundation where he tries to put sunscreen on random strangers at the beach.

For himself, Bones chose calling the hogs or opening sports cards. The hogs sound is a no brainer since one of his favorite things in the world is Arkansas Razorbacks and his latest hobby is opening sports cards and collecting sports memorabilia.