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Dating Red Flags, Love Bombing & Ex-Boyfriends, Oh My! (5th Thing)

“The truth is, sometimes you need to get where no one can stop you before you even tell people where you are going. It’s a lot like chess. You build your strategy in silence, move your pieces in silence and the only time you talk is when you say ‘check mate.’”

—Vivian Tu (@your.richbff)

Amy & Kat chat about:

- today’s quote (above) - business ideas & 401k's

- top dating red flags

- love bombing

- where are Amy’s ex-boyfriends now?? 

- first kisses 

- first dates (notably how Big P didn’t pay when he took Kat out for the first time)

- Hinge’s new ghosting policy

- more 4 Things LIVE podcasts in the fall

- social media breaks

- Stachira going to camp & Stevenson wanting to create/edit videos for Youtube 


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