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Bobby Announced Who On The Show Got The Movie Role

Last week Bobby Bones shared that he got sent a movie script and someone on the Bobby Bones Show was getting asked to be part of the movie.

He eliminated everyone but Eddie and Lunchbox, so the show assumed it was between those two guys for the coveted role. But Bones revealed this morning (May 28th) that he was actually the one offered the role.

The only details he can share about the film are that it’s a Christmas movie and he has a prominent role. Bones has done a fair bit of acting in the past, but it’s not really his thing so he’s not sure if he’s going to take it. He forgot about the script until he brought it up on the show and decided to tease who it was instead of outright sharing the news. If Bones does not accept the role, Scuba Steve is going to pitch Amy for it because he thinks she’s the best next fit for it and has acting experience from being in Holiday Harmony. Bones has until the end of the week to decide whether he’ll accept the role or not!