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Eddie Saw Lunchbox Order Trophies & Bobby Got One Shoe From eBay

Members of The Bobby Bones Show went around the room and shared what was on their mind lately.

Amy saw an article about how women who give birth in their 40s live longer. If stated that if you give birth in your 30s, you live past 95, if you give birth in your 40s, you live past 100. She thinks it may be due to something chemically that happens in your body after you give birth. So, if you give birth later you live longer. Lunchbox recently had to use Triple A for the first time. He had a nail in his tire, and they came out and fixed it. The guy was able to patch it on the side of the road and when he finished, he waited in his car for like 15 minutes and Lunchbox thought he was waiting for a tip. He didn’t tip him but asked if it was something he was supposed to do. Bobby Bones said yes because it’s a service, but Eddie didn’t think so. When they looked it up, it said it’s not necessary to tip roadside assistance, but it’s welcomed and appreciated. They agreed he probably wasn’t waiting in his car that long for a tip and was doing paperwork or something.  

Eddie shared that one of the best parts of his job is that where he sits, he can get a perfect front row view of Lunchbox’s computer. He saw him ordering T-ball trophies and wanted to know why he would need those. Lunchbox admitted that he is the coach of his kids T-ball team, and the end of the season is coming up and they are undefeated so it should be recognized, and the league does not provide trophies so he’s buying them. In the league, there are no wins and losses, but the parents voted and said they should do trophies. He doesn’t agree with the participant trophies, but the parents said it’s their first season playing so they should get one. He bought them all and hopes to get paid back. Bobby Bones ordered some shoes from an eBay account, and he accidentally sent them to the studio instead of his house. They’re a pair of Travis Scott Nikes but he only received one shoe, there is no second shoe in the box. Turns out Bones bought the left shoe only; he only saw the listing and didn’t read into it and now he doesn’t know what to do with only one shoe.