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Lunchbox Attempts To Rent Movie Theater Like Benny Blanco

Photo: Getty Images

Lunchbox was really upset that Benny Blanco, who is dating Selena Gomez, shared that he rented a move theater to take her on a date and brought his own nacho maker, deep fryer and comfy couch. He thought it was stupid he was bragging about it because normal people can’t do something like that and it’s unrealistic.  

So, The Bobby Bones Show challenged Lunchbox to attempt to rent a movie theater and ask to bring his own things like Benny Blanco did. When he called the theater, he told them he wanted to do something romantic for his wife and asked how much it would cost to rent a theater. They had multiple packages available and for $400 you could rent a XD theater or a classic theater for $250 and both have lounge seats. He then asked if he could take the seats out of the front row and bring his wife’s favorite soft comfy couch, which they told him no because the seats were screwed into the floor. He also asked if he could bring his own nacho machine and deep dryer but was told it’s not necessary because they have their own at the concession stand. They shared it’s a health code violation for him to bring his own food machines. Because he couldn’t bring his own items, he explained he was not interested in renting out the theater and hung up on them.  

His conclusion was the story was stupid because it’s unrealistic and Blanco shouldn’t get credit for doing all those amazing things. Unless it’s a possibility for normal people, they shouldn’t print stories like that because it creates unrealistic expectations for woman and dating.