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Show Members Admit the One Career They Could Never Do

Members of The Bobby Bones Show answered another ‘get to know you’ question. For this one, they admitted the career they could never do.  

Eddie shared that he could never be an Accountant. He has dyscalculia, which is the inability to understand number-based information and math, so he feels like it would take him forever to get people’s taxes done. Lunchbox admitted that the one job he could never do is being a Mortician and working at a funeral home. He feels it’s too sad and would rather have no job and be homeless.  

Amy shared that she could never be a judge because she agrees with most people’s sides and would think everyone made a good point. She doesn’t feel like she’d ever be able to bring proper justice for people. Bobby Bones said he could never be in the Military because he’s not brave enough and would just run away. He's thankful there are people who do enlist and risk their life, but he does not have that type of courage.